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Whittens acts for many businesses in the technology, software, telecommunications, media and e-commerce spaces.

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We have experience providing the legal services required by technology companies, including dealing with copyright and trademarks, licensing, formation of online contracts, website terms and conditions, privacy and data protection, domain name registration and disputes, software as a service agreements, master services agreements and development and implementation contracts.

Our clients include large public companies with market caps over $100 million, highly successful and tightly held private companies and start-ups.

Our clients include businesses that:

  • provide software licensing and services for cloud products;
  • build software for banks and sell banks software as a service;
  • provide enterprise payment processing solutions to banks, corporate and industry specific markets, support over 50,000 merchants, process over $8 billion of payments per annum and handle over 9 million transactions every month;
  • are Australia’s leading home improvement classifieds website, with over 1.5 million visitors each month
  • are Australia’s leading supplier of online adventure experiences;
  • develop and supply CAD software in Australia, the UK and USA;
  • are Australia’s largest network of audio-visual and technology websites, with over 140,000 unique readers monthly;
  • are a Korean manufacturer of automatic teller and other cash handling machines, whose products include hardware, software and integration services;
  • are a social media company providing real time, location based customer intelligence by monitoring social media for customers including Commonwealth Bank and Qantas;
  • provide an online booking portal to connect patients to healthcare providers;
  • are Australia’s leading direct response retailer;
  • are one of the world’s largest direct response television marketing companies;
  • supply telecommunications software;
  • deliver online business process automation solutions;
  • manufacturer and distribute digital real estate sign boards;
  • specialise in development and automation of merchant-funded rewards and loyalty programs for debit, credit and pre-paid card holders (Independent Transaction Solutions);
  • develop web sites and provide online marketing services and;
  • develop smartphone and mobile device applications.

Although we are an Australian law firm, our technology clients do business in New Zealand, UK, USA, South Africa, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia and we have experience interfacing with clients and stakeholders in those jurisdictions, including contacts with local law firms with whom we work seamlessly.