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Whittens specialises in new listings and other capital raisings, whether equity or debt. We are experts at listing companies on stock exchanges.


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Every year we assist dozens of companies to raise capital via equity, debt or via the issue of hybrid securities such as convertible notes, and to undertake listing on a stock exchange whether via an initial public offer (IPO) or a backdoor listing. We also manage placements, rights issues, corporate reconstructions, and mergers including hostile or friendly takeovers.

The vast majority of our clients choose to list on the ASX, which is Australia’s primary securities exchange and we handle the listing process for them from start to finish. Our listing services include advising on the restructuring of corporate groups (for an IPO), assisting in the identification of a shell (for a backdoor listing), designing and assisting in implementing necessary corporate governance systems, drafting transaction documents, resolving the equity and capital structure, managing and undertaking due diligence, obtaining shareholder approvals, coordinating third party advisers (such as brokers, accountants and independent experts), preparation of disclosure documents and ensuring compliance with all ASIC disclosure requirements and ASX requirements for quotation of securities on the exchange.

We are always focused on achieving the objectives of our clients as efficiently as possible because we appreciate the importance of timing and managing costs in raising capital.

Whittens has worked with a wide range of companies and advisers, from companies and management undertaking their first listing, through to veteran corporate advisers and brokers. We tailor our approach to provide as much or as little assistance as the particular client requires. However, in all cases our experience and competence adds value to the process which saves our clients time and money.

In addition to the ASX, we work with both the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX). We are an NSX Nominated Adviser and an APX Sponsor.

A point of difference from other law firms is that our principals have been involved in raising capital and listing companies as entrepreneurs, so we understand the process as participants as well as being expert legal advisers who work in equity capital markets on a daily basis.

We have excellent relationships with ASX, NSX, APX, ASIC, brokers, investment banks, corporate advisers, private equity and shell traders. 

Once listed, we assist our clients with ongoing regulatory compliance and we offer a full service company secretarial support team who provide expertise in compliance at a fraction of the cost of a capable in-house company secretary and/or general counsel.

As an Automic Group company we can also provide a seamless fit for your company with Australia’s most technologically advanced share registry, empowering efficiency and combining all of your corporate compliance requirements under one roof. Let us help you.